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Canada is known for many things: hockey, maple syrup, being polite, wildlife, and, indeed, the great outdoors and adventure. Among these highlights are, of course, our national, provincial and municipal parks. To ensure that all nature-loving individuals can enjoy the breathtaking beauty around us, we need to ensure proper accessibility measures have been implemented across our parks, beaches, public spaces, and recreational complexes. With solutions for getting in and out of buildings, getting around outside, getting to transportation, accessing and using parks, beaches, marinas and waterfront, including in and on the water.


Becoming accessible can seem daunting; people often assume that accessibility requires significant construction, including pouring concrete or building wooden access ramps or expensive paths, especially in winter and/or wet areas that do not last. However, technology has come a long way, making options for becoming accessible more innovative and cost-effective than ever before. As you consider what becoming fully accessible might look like for your facility, we would like to introduce you to WATTS ACCESSIBILITY CONSULTING, a Canadian company focused exclusively on accessibility and inclusion. Owned, managed and run by people who understand and live accessibility and, as such, have unique expertise on the challenges of accessible living. We can help you address concerns about entry to older buildings, provide access to outdoor amenities such as boardwalks, beaches, Parks or trails, and make sure your events, installations, organizations, tourism and facilities such as your marinas, visitor centers, restrooms meet specified International, National and Provincial standards for accessibility.


WAC – Watts Accessibility Consultant’s “Fresh Approach to Accessibility” offers solutions specifically designed to make interior, exterior, natural environments and adventure accessible to everyone, including people using wheelchairs, strollers, crutches, canes, and even bare feet. The cost-effective solutions we recommend have been carefully selected based on their ease of installation, longevity, quality, and superior designs. Whether you require ramps to allow entry to your recreational facilities, access to and in your beaches, ski resorts, parks and trails, campgrounds, assistance/access buttons or openers, or hoists/lifts so that patrons can access all of your amenities, our comprehensive consulting services allow us to assess your location and ensure their freedom from barriers. We are also able to partner with you for accessibility education and training to be sure that your organization meets its legal, human rights and moral obligations in this regard. By involving WAC – Watts Accessibility Consulting in your accessibility planning, we will highlight areas that need attention without creating additional barriers or negatively affecting your customers, staff or community.


Watts Accessibility Consulting, accessibility is our passion. As a proud Canadian company, we understand the needs of Canadian communities, organizations and tourism operators and are knowledgeable with federal, provincial, and municipal accessibility laws, Human Rights, Bill C-81 (ACA), UNCRPD, and Universal Design (Friendly Design). We strive to provide the absolute best accessibility consulting, auditing and education services at the most cost-effective prices by using innovative technology and techniques for vast indoor/outdoor areas. We believe that doing things right the first time saves you time and money and reduces your liability footprint and complaints or possible embarrassment. Our particular insights and thorough approach not only help us to eliminate hurdles to becoming fully accessible but also to deliver a better Canada for everyone, regardless of ability or age. We are excited to have the opportunity to share our expertise with you in FACILITATING MOBILITY FOR ALL. We are here to help!


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