Watts Accessibility Consulting helps you maximize your accessibility dollars and provides you with the best, most innovative, and cost-effective solutions, whether in the great outdoors, adventure or anywhere where facilitating mobility is a challenge. Including Tourism, Beaches, Parks, Conservation, Events, Recreation, Public Works, Business, Corporate, Retirement Communities, Government, and Heritage Sites.


We always do our best to offer solutions requiring minimal to no construction that meet universal, national and provincial standards, laws, codes and human rights while reducing your liability footprint, increasing your visibility, and ensuring your destination is welcoming to everyone with dignity, independence, integration, and equality regardless of ability or age.


We ensure you will have all the information required to make the most educated decisions for your barrier-free dollar by offering A FRESH APPROACH TO ACCESSIBILITY. Contact us for more information and quotes (outdoor and adventure accessibility questions via email or phone call answered at no charge in most cases.)


Confidential audits show exactly where you are, where you must be, and how to get there. Accessibility can no longer be a second thought and, by law, must be implemented it is a human rights issue and can have a massive cost when done wrong. It is our experience that the main barriers are not just physical but also include systemic and attitudinal barriers. It is these barriers that are often the easiest and cheapest to correct but the hardest to identify, thus making progress challenging.


Only an Audit will show you the absolute truth, but only when done by highly trained and experienced persons who not only understand accessibility, Canadian law, codes, and rights, as well as universal design (friendly design), but live it as Canadians with disabilities and wheelchair users. Audits are conducted with an expert with a fully trained assistant we use specialized, very advanced drones when required (fully licensed, certified and insured) and sophisticated cameras and measuring equipment to document everything, even places inherently inaccessible indoors or outdoors, including small to vast locations.


We will work closely with you on location, identifying and educating as we go, and we can present the complete audit informally on-site, a condensed written report, a fully detailed audit report, a fully detailed certified report, and a PowerPoint presentation. We work very closely with the best suppliers of outdoor and adventure accessibility products seen on this website, in which up to 25% of the audit cost can be deducted depending on the amount of the order.


We have audited many locations Canada-wide and around the world, and we are Friendly Design Ambassadors who have represented Canada in 5 countries. Our audits have helped many from Tourism, Business, and Government become fully accessible by simply having a complete understanding and appreciation of where you are at now and what accessibility genuinely means as with everything, if you do not live it and are not accessibility experienced or educated, then it will be challenging to get it right the first time.


This not only saves time, money and possible embarrassment but reduces your liability footprint and increases prosperity in today’s atmosphere and economy, it can be the difference between success or failure. It is our mission with all audits to ensure a clear understanding and provide reasoning with solutions that are compliant and cost-effective, as most audits tell you only of the problem however, we are all about solutions
that work for our clients with our “Fresh Approach To Accessibility.” Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.


Accessibility and inclusion education and training packages for everyone, including staff, volunteers,
management and decision-makers. These are provided in person or via video conference. They are explicitly designed to ensure they are easily understood and are complete with essential laws, codes, human rights, words that matter, explanations, diagrams, feedback, a quiz and a record of completion, including a certificate.


Training and Education Packages Available:
-Accessibility and Inclusion Awareness with Words that Matter
-Advanced Accessibility and Inclusion Awareness with Words that Matter
-Advanced Accessibility and Inclusion Awareness (Train the Trainer)
-Accessibility Standards and Codes (Outdoors, Adventure and Events)
-Accessibility 101 (Public Spaces)
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.


We have done and continue doing accessibility and inclusion presentations, speaking
engagements, and workshops across Canada and other countries with translators from small conferences and AGMs to significant events Canada-wide and throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Industry or Organization-specific presentations are available, including National, Provincial, and Municipal Parks, Beaches, NPOs, Corporate, Tourism, Adventure, or anything focusing on the great outdoors and adventure.

Motivation and Inspiration are a generic part of all our presentations, regardless of the medium used.


Topics or Combination of Topics Include:

-A Fresh Approach To Accessibility
-Outdoor and Adventure Accessibility
-The Accessible Tourism Bubble
-Accessibility Legislation, Standards, and Universal Design
-Innovations and Great Outdoors Accessibility Solutions.
-Beach, Parks and Recreation Accessibility-Outdoor Event Accessibility
-Cost Effective Outdoor Accessibility Solutions (fact or fiction)
-Accessibility and Liability in Canada.
-Accessibility Cost VS Profits – Success VS failure
-Facilitating Mobility Regardless of Ability or Age
-Accessibility in the Urban Realm
-Public Works and Facilitating Mobility

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